Daily commentaries
  • Opening calls and pre-market summary
  • Trader Blogs - written by industry veterans
  • Hightower research - a range of reports, advisories and trade analysis broken down by commodity market sector
  • Hedging and marketing commentary
  • News headlines with complete stories from CRB, USDA and others
  • Weather information
More than raw data
Quotes, Charts, Technical Analysis and Opinions.
  • Over 150 Markets Worldwide
  • Options values as well as prices
  • Downloadable data
  • Support, resistance and pivot points
  • Create and save all your custom charts with one-click access to view the full-sized chart.
Fast, accurate information
Understand your contracts quickly.
  • Contract symbols
  • Trading hours
  • Delivery months
  • Point values
  • Tick fluctuations
  • US and international exchange margin tables
Stay in control
Never get caught in a bad situation.
  • Last trading day
  • First notice day
  • Futures expirations
  • Options expirations
  • Agency Reports (with links to reports)
  • Economic releases
Market moving information
Convenient listing of major government reports with direct links.
  • Graphical Commitment of Traders
  • Marketing & Trade
  • Weather & Climate
  • Ag Supply & Demand
  • Crop Progress Report
  • USDA AMS Market News
  • USDA ESMIS & NASS Publications
An eye on the markets
Only minutes per day, these videos should be part of your routine.
  • Chart review and commentary
  • Specific entry & exit points
  • Outline key support and resistance areas
  • Discover what opportunities may develop in the next trading session - and why



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